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Domain Privacy

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Domain privacy is an important way to help reduce spam, scams, and unwanted Internet traffic.

Every domain name has a WHOIS listing, which is a searchable database of registered domains. It is available to everyone on the Internet. Without domain privacy, or WHOIS privacy protection, all of your contact information (address, phone number, name, etc) is available to the public.

  • Control spam and junk snail mail.
  • Hide your website from competitors doing market research.
  • Prevent firms from capturing your information to resell to others.
  • Avoid stalkers and fraudsters.
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Why Choose Domain Privacy Protection?

Your personal information is shielded

You control the flow of information

Domain Privacy Protection shields your name, email, phone number and complete address from hackers, spammers and identity thieves. You control your information on the public WHOIS directory while also retaining complete control over your domain.

Stop Hackers & Spammers in Their Tracks

With your complete personal information easily accessible in the WHOIS you’ll receive dozens of spam emails daily, telemarketing calls from agencies, and dubious sollicitations from other companies pretending to be your current provider. Reduce your risks by shielding your information with Domain Privacy Protection.

Domain Privacy Protection FAQ

What is the WHOIS?

Whenever you register a domain, your name, email, phone number and complete address is recorded in the public WHOIS database. The WHOIS was created to ensure online transparency; however, in recent years it's been used or harvested by spammers, hackers and identity thieves.

Though there are some exceptions, such as .BD domains, if you have not specifically enabled domain privacy protection, then your information is on the WHOIS for everyone to see through easily accessible online tools.

How important is domain privacy protection?

Quite important! Without it you will almost certainly be spammed by a variety of different services (website tools, ‘enlargement’ pills, weight loss programs, etc.) the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ emails (that prince from that foreign country just needs you to transfer money) and the random nonsense types (click here to unsubscribe!). Any of these could have viruses or programs to steal information off your device. Worse, hackers and identity thieves can potentially use the information to attack you or steal from you. Hence, opting out of privacy protection exposes you to greater risk.

Are there domains that cannot activate privacy protection?

Yes. Certain extensions are managed by registries that have chosen to opt out of the privacy protection service, or that are subject to certain requirements that WHC does not yet support.

Is it possible to enable privacy protection for .BD & .বাংলা domain extension?